Customized Spring

  • We customize Chassis Springs such as Coil Springs, Stabilizer Bars, Leaf Springs, Torsion Bars for After-Market application
  • A specially dedicated team for After-Market will develop products to the customers’ required specification
  • Coil Springs, with the adoption of SASC technology and FEM designing, compatibly realize high performance and comfortable ride in a high dimension
    Low-down type in both original form and straight coiled spring are available
  • Spray color coating serves well for anti-rust and environment. Logo printing and special packaging are available too


supports After-Market producers

Straight coil with
side force application

D-SPORT COPEN Strengthened Stab-bars
A-SPEC springs
Other sporty customization of
Daihatsu vehicles are available

For Cross-Country and RVs

Original Brand Products


“CHUHATSU PLUS”,the ultimate lowering spring adopted by car manufacturer,
with patented original “SASC” technology of Chuo Spring Co.,LTD.,


“CHUHATSU PLUS” is lowering spring with “SASC” technology of Chuo Spring Co., LTD.
The special shape by the “SASC” technology can smoothen the movement of the shock absorber, and it can offer more stability and flexible comfort.
Spring rate and spring height are set to each vehicle elaborately. It realize light weight and high stiffness by using vanadium steel for material, and it can minimize spring set for long term use.

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is a patent of Chuo Spring