President’s Message

Since our inauguration in 1948, we have been an industry leader in meeting our customers’ needs and achieving their Goals by being a specialized manufacturer of springs and control cable. All though our 70-years in business has not been a smooth path, we have always been driven by a challenge to provide an exceptional product. We have advanced in the difficult business environment by allowing our dreams to become realities.

As the saying goes, “A heart of a company is its people.” we think that our manufacturing is supported, enhanced and powered by such “people”. Our business operates with the concept that if we trust and value the wisdom of the people, our employees will exerts their utmost potential. This will allow us to achieve the highest level of results.

In addition to the expansion of our existing business field, we are also exploring the opportunity where we can play an active role in increasing our business, into the eco-friendly field such as electric and fuel cell automobile in the future. We will commit to making a continual contribution to society through manufacturing. This will in turn build our company to be one of the most valued and reputable by our customers.