Product Outline

Though unnoticeable, we are surrounded with various kinds of “springs”.
Not only meeting customers’ required specification but we also have developed and have been proposing new values through ever evolving science and technology.
Currently and continuously, our challenge is there for further innovation based on our core technology we have built to date.


Chassis Springs

Suspension springs are indispensable in automobiles.
To offer stronger and lighter springs that also improve ride feels, our efforts are also exerted in the development of the materials and processes.

Precision Springs

Various kinds of our springs in various forms and shapes are used in various fields, from the engines, drive-train, body, brakes of automobiles including motorcycles and also in the wide range of industrial equipments and facilities, electric appliances and agricultural machineries.
Usage in aircrafts & aerospace industries is the proof of the reliability of our springs.

Control Cables

Control cables are used in flexibly relaying operations to remote area.
Chuhatsu is also a specialist in Control Cables.

Automobile use

Put the shifter into P range, pull up the side lever, release the fuel lid, press a button to open the side gate.
These represent operations and function of control cables.


Construction machineries and equipments used for dangerous operations where remote control is the norm, our cables are positively used.


Control Cable technology is applied in the architecture business and welfare business for pleasant and safe environment.


Various needs are met, with high positioned windows for ventilation in normal condition and smoke ejection at fire, with Fire Saver screen to protect elevator users from smoke, heat and fire, and solar panels or hatches in various design for natural lighting and ventilation.

Welfare Equipment

Once attachments are installed in vehicles, boats, trains or any transportation, any size of wheelchairs could be firmly and securely fixed on.
Chuhatsu technology contributes to the quality of life.