Introducing SASC®

Controlling the reaction force exerting on the spring, extraordinary increase in driving comfort can be attained. Since the springs are made in cold forming, the process is environment-conscious to achieve clean manufacturing.

SASC [Side Action Spring by CHUHATSU]

Giving an offset to the concentric line of springs and to the ends, arbitrary setting of reaction forces can be easily controlled.
As the result, driving comfort and steering performance is successfully improved by lowering the friction.

Comparison between conventional and SASC springs

SASC can contribute to the preservation of environment with environment-conscious manufacturing.
SASC is made in cold forming to reduce CO2 gas by 30% when compared with hot forming.

Comparison of total CO2 gas

Based on digital data from designing to manufacturing, SASC springs are made with independently developed softwares.


Further Evolution into Symmetric SASC

In general, springs are clockwise, though driveability is enhanced by adopting springs, whose coiling directions are symmetrical, on both sides of a vehicle.

Regular Product Symmetric SASC

*1 spring reaction force: reaction force generated when contracting the spring

「SASC®」andSASCis a registered trademark of the Chuo Spring Co., a registered trademark of Chuo Spring Co.,Ltd in the United States and Japan.