Chassis Spring

The needs for lighter, more durable & high performance springs are filled with our exclusive and unique technology.
Remarkable performance is shown in all types of vehicles from mini cars to heavy duty trucks.


Widely used in automobiles, either hot or cold formed.
Side force control springs contributes to better ride feel.

  • SASC springs
  • Anti-clockwise Coil Spring
  • CAE Technology
  • Precision Cold Forming


Installed mostly in passenger cars and wagons, they fill an important role in the prevention of rollovers and provide greater stability. Anti-slide device is set to resist lateral force and adds more stability.

  • Anti slide system


Used in trucks and vans to reduce vibration transmitted from the wheels to bodies while serving as structural components in the suspension system.

  • High stress leaf springs


Installed mostly in the front suspension of light trucks and acts much in the same way as coil spring and advantageous in saving space in the engine compartment.